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Chapel in the sky

Finally, I was able to look at the ‘chapel in the sky’ from within.  It is smaller than I imagined and the views from the windows are terrific. There are several beams that provide support and are known as St. Andrews crosses.

St. Andrews cross

I enjoyed being on the balcony taking in the view of city.

On the balcony of the Chicago Temple


Balcony view of the steeple.


It is the oldest church in Chicago and was founded by Methodist circuit riders in 1831, six years before the City of Chicago was incorporated.  In 1924, when the skyscraper was dedicated, it was the tallest building in Chicago, until 1930 when the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) surpassed it.  Built of gray and white Bedford stone and
mixing the grace of a French Gothic cathedral and the practically of a skyscraper

Chicago Temple is also the tallest church building in the world at 400 ft (120 m) above ground level, although Ulm Minister is the tallest church in the world. (Wikipedia)
The Sky Chapel was created in 1952 as a gift from the Walgreen family in memory of Charles Walgreen founder of the drugstore chain. It contains 16 stained glass windows depicting scenes from the Bible.

Where:  77 W. Washington Street, Chicago, IL

They offer tours every day.  For more information, view their website .

Chicago Temple ceiling

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